Spam: Unsolicited Advertising or Lunch Meat!

by CoachZ on February 2, 2009

We at want to make this post quick, direct, and to the point. Why? Mainly because we hate being made to feel like a bunch of elementary school teachers! Spam, in any of its incarnations will not be tolerated. Fortunately, we’ve only had to “spam-out” two comments, so far. In both instances, the individual made an attempt to link science with his or her product. Not cool!

Please be aware of one thing, we spend a great deal of time selecting just the right topic, along with the supporting articles, posts from other blogs, and even outside experts. In other words, several independent sources are consulted and verified before an article is “published.” The aforementioned experts and expert sources, combined with my 30+ years of experience training athletes at virtually every level all come together to serve the soccer community. Here at, we strive to deliver up-to-date, cutting-edge information useful to both male and female soccer-athletes, young and not-so young, all levels; head coaches, assistants, strength coaches, and athletic trainers; parents, press, fans, and fanatics! In other words, fans of all kinds and all ages!

The Ultimate Training Company, and, will continue to deliver information that is as accurate as possible. Self-promotion, as well as independent service and product promotion, unless cleared in advance, is unacceptable and will be filed immediately. OK? When it comes to material offered here, we have our own consultants: coaches, strength & fitness personnel, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and sports medicine physicians. Ultimate Soccer Training also has a kinesiologist, and an exercise physiologist on staff, both as consultants. We guarantee we will do everything humanly possible to ensure whatever you take away from your experience with us, is it will be valid and scientifically anchored in the data, not anecdotal pseudo-science.

Thank you for your response to date! Realize this, without you, we cannot hope to serve the sport-specific (soccer), sex-specific strength and fitness needs of the soccer (football/futbol) community. Strength and fitness training includes not only physical and mental training but mental and nutritional instruction as well. Unless you have a masters or doctorate in diet and/or nutrition, please refrain from offering nutritional advice. Thank you!

Later today! Soccer-specific, sex-specific training and a positive mental attitude.


See you in the cheap seats!


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