The Ultimate Soccer Training Strength & Fitness: A T-Shirt Collection Tells The Story Of Building A Business In A Recession!

by CoachZ on March 24, 2009


Welcome To The Ultimate Soccer Training Blog! This is also being added to The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed Blog! This Is How I Built A Successful Athletic Training Business In A Recession, You Can Too!

I hope you will watch this in its entirety, it’s about 7 minutes, but it will be worth it! This will not only tell you how I built an awesome sport-specific strength and fitness training company but how I did it in a recession. It will also give you a look into the success of the business, and why it’s successful!

YouTube is a bit sloppy today, so the quality isn’t the best, and I am sorry about that, we are working to improve that! But, I think the content will make up for it! I have it on good authority that I’m getting a Flip MinoHD for my birthday, otherwise I would click the link on the sidepanel (over at ) & order one from Amazon today! I get all my books, electronics, training videos, & camera stuff from Amazon…can’t beat the prices or the content!

Oh yeah!

Make sure you sign up for the drawing & newsletter subscription. The prizes have just been increased to include:

1) A Laptop
2) 3 top of the line books
3) An awesome Internet marketing program
4) A Dell 22″ Flat Panel Monitor
5) Custom Designed US “Ultimate” NikeIDs! Just in time for the World Cup & The Olympics!

Someone is going to be very happy at the end of April! So enter today!

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